How to Make Money with OpenAI's Custom GPT Store: An In-Depth Guide

Explore how OpenAI's Custom GPT Store offers unique opportunities for monetization and creativity in AI, even for those without coding experience.

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Key Points

  • Launch of OpenAI's GPT Store: OpenAI is launching a GPT store where users can build, publish, and monetize custom GPT models.

  • Accessibility: No coding experience required to create custom GPTs.

  • Monetization Opportunities: Various ways to earn money, including direct sales and content creation using GPTs.

  • Security Considerations: Awareness of potential security flaws is necessary.

  • Simplicity in Creation: The GPT Builder facilitates easy creation of custom GPTs.


OpenAI's Custom GPT Store, a revolutionary marketplace for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers, opens next week. This platform provides a unique opportunity for individuals to build, publish, and monetize their own custom GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformers) models. These models can serve various purposes, from practical applications like resume writing to creative uses like character generation.

Creating and Customizing Your GPT

  1. Account Setup: Start by creating a ChatGPT Plus account ($20 per month) or an Enterprise account.

  2. Building Your GPT: Use the simple 'Create a GPT' feature on OpenAI's platform. Incorporate your unique ideas and creativity to stand out.

  3. Testing and Refinement: Continuously interact with and refine your model to ensure it meets your standards.

Publishing and Monetizing Your GPT

  1. Making it Public: After creating your GPT, publish it and make it public on OpenAI's digital store.

  2. Earning Through the Store: Your GPT becomes searchable in the store, and you can earn based on its usage and popularity.

  3. Additional Revenue Streams: Beyond store earnings, use your GPT to create content like marketing copy, social media posts, or e-books.

Security and Support

  • Security Risks: Be mindful of security issues, like the previously identified flaw in November, where users could steal build code of public custom GPTs.

  • GPT Builder Tool: For beginners, the GPT Builder offers an easy-to-use interface for creating custom models without manual configuration.


The upcoming launch of OpenAI's GPT Store represents a significant opportunity for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. With user-friendly tools and multiple avenues for monetization, it offers a platform for innovation and creativity in the realm of AI.

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